Welcome to Yvette Ruta luxurious children’s couture. offering infants through size 6x. We  have a passion for custom designing apparel, bedding  and furniture for baby’s first photos, birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Our fabrics are the finest on the market today and include, but not limited too; Italian linens, embroidered bridal  fabrics, 100% cottons, beautiful soft knits, luxurious velvets, lustrous organza, satins and silks.  Some of our techniques include hand dying fabrics for one of a kind pieces and creating our own embellishments with recycled and laundered vintage fabrics and trims collected from all over the world. The  intricate embellishments on our garments and bedding include Swarovski elements, crystals and pearls, rhinestones and handmade trims, flowers and bows. Due to our handmade and handcrafted designs, there may be a slight variation in embellishments on each garment offered assuring your pieces is a one of a kind.

Our photo prop section has the ultimate for your babys first photos! When the ordinary just won’t do, walk into the world of Yvette Ruta’s extraordinary photo prop section! If you want to show the world your baby is special,  we can design a custom piece for you and your baby.
Starting with our infant bed prop, you will be magically drawn in. This  stunning bed has many  bedding options or can be custom designed especially for you and your baby. Our furniture is handcrafted by skilled craftsman and our bedding is designed and sewn by tailors who take pride in their passion. We have master faux finishers who complete the exquisite finishes on each piece created.
Our stunning  couture for infant photo props offers Cuddle Sak’s to slip into, Snuggle Sak’s to wrap  baby, and  hair fascinators to coordinate for that perfect first photo,  so you can announce to the world how special your baby is.
Our luxury blankets and pillows are  made with chenilles, cottons, Italian linens, luxury faux  furs and specialty knits. Some are hand crocheted  and incorporated with fabrics to ensure a unique and one of a kind piece. Most blankets can be embroidered or monogrammed. Our pillows can be infused with 100%  lavender oils and organically grown lavender from our gardens and local growers here in  Texas.

We also offer 100% Swarovski bracelets  and necklaces! Each one of our Swarovski pieces are custom made to compliment each garment by our jewerly designers who work side by side with us to create that special piece. We do customize for mommy and baby photos as well!

Our luxurious infant couture offers exquisite embroidered tutus with handcrafted embellishments on the waist and hair fascinators. Many of these garments are limited quantities assuring you have a one of a kind couture piece for your special baby. Our over the top ruffled tutus are perfect for making that special  statement!  We use ultra soft layers and layers of ruffled tulle and organzas for extra poof under our already full ruffled tutu!

Our fabulous  “rag” tutus are the ultimate in shabby chic couture! These gorgeous handcrafted tutus are made from the finest fabrics and trims with an an explosion of texture!  With ultra soft cottons,  Italian linens, satin ribbons and vintage fabrics and trims adorn these tutus. We offer these  incredible tutus in infants through 6x and we can also create one for your pampered puppy to match! Hair fascinators can be made to complete this look!

We are also working with  select designers who have the same passion and love to create as we do. From time to time we will be bringing you specialty items and couture pieces to showcase their work! We work side by side with designers in their field of passion to create one of a kind  pieces that only we can offer!

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