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To enter the fantastical world of Yvette Ruta Luxury Design is to enter a truly rarified realm. We delight in creating the most devilishly decadent designs for those divinely discerning pets known to look down their noses at anything less. When only the best is best for the animal apple of your eye, we offer you the ultimate in canine couture, from collars and coats to frocks and faux fur. We don’t end there.

For your doggie’s delight, we proffer pet carriers and pet furniture, bedding and blankets, cuddle cups and snuggle sacks. All are expertly handcrafted and embellished with various Swarovski elements, semi-precious stones, designer and antique buttons, handmade flowers, ribbons and trims. For further information or to book a complimentary design session, please email or call us, then watch as we make your delicious dreams a reality and turn your precious pet into a show stopper.



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