It has always been a dream of mine to create a  luxurious collection of linens that has  serenity woven into every stitch . We create a spa like sensation with  each piece being constructed of the softest cottons, European  linens, velvets, and the finest fabrics and trims available on the market today.  We search for vintage French textiles, Italian linens, and  matelasse  to create some of our masterpieces . Luxury fabrics allow the skin the breathe, maintain their shape and will not pill or fray. I absolutely love the feminine and romantic look of whites and cream linens and cottons, but occasionally we will add a soft color to our palette to complete a room. Our pieces are beautifully handcrafted and most are laundered for a vintage feel and get softer with every washing.  Our embroidered linens have an heirloom prescence and will be cherished for years to come.

We want you to experience a spa like sensation eveytime you slip into one of our luxurious robes, or a bed filled with any of our throws, boudoir pillows,  shams, duvets  or even rest your head on one of our lavender infused neck rolls! We also offer sachets to keep your linens and  drawers  smelling like a beautiful lavender field.

When you want to indulge in fabulous fine faux furs, we offer blankets, throws and pillows.
We have  exceptional craftsman and tailors that have a passion that goes into each piece of our luxury bedding collection.  You can choose to  lavish yourself or your home with  something from our unique collections  online, or have something custom designed  to suit your needs.

Add the simple pleasure of aromatherapy to your haven. We use only 100% lavender oils and infuse our neck rolls  and sachets with organic lavender grown locally and in our  gardens  in Texas. We support local growers in our communities to bring you the purest benefits for the mind, body and soul.  We believe that essential oils may be one of natures most ultimate gifts for relaxation!  If tranquility and relaxation are something you are seeking, try indulging in one of our lavender neck rolls or sachets!

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